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Welcome back to the Library! We are so excited to browse, explore, lounge and linger in within our reorganized space! Please use the following menu to learn more about our expanding Library program and ways you can help us continue to update and expand our collection.

Spotlight Books

(each title available thru the Stevens Library Catalog

Out of My Mind  by Sharon Draper. 5th grader Melody has cerebral palsy and cannot walk, talk or write. She has a memory, is smarter than most adults she encounters, yet is dismissed by most as mentally challenged because she cannot communicate otherwise. All that changes as she gains the ability to speak via a personalized laptop and enters a team knowledge competition, yet the bullying and prejudice persists. An absolutely heart-wrenching, thought provoking read about how much our impressions are based solely on what we see and erroneous assumptions.

The Last Cuentista by Donna Barba Higuera. Wow! Part folklore, part social commentary, part sci-fi, 2022’s Newbery Award winner is FANTASTIC! Earth is destroyed by a comet, and only a few hundred scientists and their children, including Petra and her family, have been selected to journey to a new planet to ensure survival of the human race. While Petra and her family are in hyper sleep (for hundreds of years), a questionable group, knows as “The Collective”, have taken over the ship and wiped all Earthly memories in its attempt to erase human evil. As Petra awakes she is the only one who remembers beauty of humanity, as well, including her abuela’s storytelling. Can’t wait to discuss this one with readers!

The Dragon Masters series by Tracey West. While grown-ups might not want to read past #2, students are devouring these books as they quickly become one of the most popular series in our library. Eight-year old Drake is taken to King Roland’s castle where he finds out he is to be trained as a Dragon Master and has his very own dragon (no way!). At the castle, he meets Ana, Rori and Bo, also training to uncover their dragons’ special powers. As the gain knowledge, they are sent on a mission by King Roland — but is he a good king or is this mission to further his own power?! With 21 (and counting) books in the series, a great selection for shorter read-alouds and to build independent reading.

 eBooks, Booklists and Collections

The Seattle Public Library has many recommended reading lists with some titles available as eBooks and AudioBooks.  With Library Link, students have access to all of these books! Visit SPL’s Library Link to learn more.  Need help? Just ask!

Highlighted SPL reading lists:    

Looking for more books to share with your family?

Check out the Stevens Library Collections to view various recommended reading lists including Stevens Staff picks, Biographies, the Pura Belpre Award, Social Justice titles & Girl Power selections.  These collections are growing every month as we continue to organize our material by genre and add more books to our library. Visit our Book Award Nominees page for further recommendations, including the Washington Children’s Choice Picture Book Award.  Remember, “You are NEVER too old for a good picture book!”

Help Our Library Collection Grow!

The Stevens Library strives to be a place of refuge, comfort and inclusion. The right book can be a temporary and welcome escape from the doldrums and/or worries of today. Know that much time is being devoted to building and refining our collection to ensure our library is a source of different voices, stories and interests.

You can help by purchasing books for the library from our Stevens Library Powell’s Wishlist. Most of these selections have been requested by the students and are good-condition USED copies, in line with our GTCC (Green Team Climate Change!) school-wide goals to Reduce & Reuse. Also included on our list are book award nominees, favorite authors and favorite series. Thank you for your consideration!

The Bibliophile Riffraff Book Club

We hope to bring this very popular opt-in club back this winter. In the meantime, please visit Bibliophile Riffraff Book Club to learn more about our past clubs.

The Seattle Public Library!

Seattle Public Library (SPL) – Library Link

A reminder that our AWESOME, award-winning public library system is humongous source of reading material and resources for your family.  Each student has access to SPL’s Library Link program, an on-line library account available to all Seattle Public School students.  A Library Link account gives your child instant access to eBooks and Student Research Resources, including one of my favorites, CultureGrams. Please visit Library Link to learn more.

 **Please note:  a Library Link account is for on-line materials only.  Want to checkout print materials?  See below links for obtaining a library card.

Using your SPL card to get Museum Passes!

Did you know that having a Seattle Public Library card gives you free admission to the Burke Museum, MoPop, The Museum of Flight, the National Nordic Museum, the Seattle Aquarium & the Wing Luke Museum?!  You can reserve one pass to a museum once every 30 days from the date of your visit.  New passes are available every day after 9 p.m.  

Don’t have a SPL Library card yet?

It’s easy to do and gives you instant access to both on-line and print materials (as well as those museum passes above!)

More information about how to get started with an SPL library card.

Volunteer Opportunities

The Library has missed its assistants! If you are interested in volunteering in the library, please e-mail me at