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Tips from the Tipsters!

Tips from the Tipsters!


presented by Mattea, 2-24-21

Orangutans are the largest tree-dwelling mammals. Here are some things to know about them, their threats, and how you can help. This species is critically endangered! 

the forest canopy. Adult male orangutans can weigh up to 285 pounds!  

Palm Oil is the lead cause of the extinction of the orangutan. It’s in 50% percent of household products sold in the west! Some palm oil products include: 

  • Some Shampoo 
  • Some Toothpaste 
  • Some Detergent 
  • Some Cookies  
  • Some Peanut butter 
  • Some Lotion 
  • Lots more 

cut orangutan rainforests. Palm oil is unhealthy, but butter is even worse. 

You can check items to see if they have palm oil! 

Step 1: Look at the label and find ingredients. 

Step 2: See if it has palm oil, palmitate, or anything that starts with “palm.” 

Step 3: If your item has palm stuff, try to avoid buying it. You can also write to companies that include palm in their products. 

deforestation not only effects animals like orangutans but also the environment. 


presented by Mattea, 1-27-21

Orcas live here, in Puget Sound. Here are some things that you should know about them and their threats.  

First, they are very linked with salmon, a main source of food. There are three pods that stay local all year. J pod=24 orcas, K pod=17 orcas, and L pod=33 orcas. In total, there are 74 resident orcas. Also, the oldest orca is 92.  

some of the threats that they face. 

  1. Not enough food-salmon populations are decreasing. 
  2. Chemicals such as pesticides and burning fuel. 
  3. Boats-very disturbing. Boats can go right by them while they are eating. This makes them eat less, which is bad. 

Some things you can do for the orcas are: 

  • Save water 
  • Recycle disposable items  
  • Use products made of recycled materials  
  • Reduce waste  
  • Dispose trash properly 
  • Reuse or repurpose products to extend their usable life 
  • Encourage people to protect our Orcas and our Oceans. 

I hope you can do a few of these things.  

Thank you for listening!!!!!