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Green Team Climate Change!

Meet the Earth Warriors!

We care for our planet


Hello. I am in the Tipster group.  I think that GTCC is super fun.  I LOVE penguins!  I joined GTCC because I learned about Greta Thunberg and realized that I wanted to protect nature.  One of the things I learned in GTCC is that sometimes if you are really scared of something (like talking in front of lots of people), just try to feel good about it, and it will be calm and easy.


Hello! My name is Ezra. I have been one of the long-time members of GTCC.  One of my greatest achievements was having the honor of being able to speak in Olympia in 2018. I am passionate about GTCC because I want to raise awareness about how nature is not some giant cookie jar that we can just take from all the time, because eventually, nature will strike back. I want to stop this from happening. That is my struggle.

And remember! Never give up!


My name is Jasper. I care about climate change because I do not want to grow up in a world where “extinct animals” is a daily news source.  I hope to pressure our government so we can make sure that our ancestors to come will have the same privilege that the adults of our time had.  I hope that people will acknowledge that our earth and life is dying, but it still is not over, and we can still turn around.

A way to spread awareness is to TALK and what I love to do plan our assemblies. Right now I am working on the assembly plan for this year — especially this year it is crucial that we spread the word. 


My name is Clio and I live at home with my family and 13 pets! One of the things I’m very excited about is designing the school garden. Gardens are very important to the planet because they grow plants and trees. Plants and trees suck up the carbon dioxide we breath out then the plants turn it into oxygen and release it into the air.

GTCC is important to me because I want to keep the planet healthy for people and other living things in the future and now. One way you can help too is buy less plastic!!!


Hi, my name is Scarlet. I am a fifth grader in GTCC. I joined GTCC because I love the earth and I believe that kids can make just as much of a difference as grownups.

I think some things that we can change to benefit the environment are: 

  1. rely on more sustainable foods.  
  2. lower our plastic usage and
  3. talk about climate change. I’m most excited to work on the website and logo. One piece of green advice is experiences are just as good gifts as thing are, and more earth friendly!


The reason I joined GTCC is that I never really ever got the opportunity to help the earth, and I also love to grow plants and I want to grow more. I also think that this will be a good opportunity to get outside and have fun in a pandemic. So that is the reason I joined the Garden Guardians!


I joined GTCC because at the assembly I was inspired about what everybody was doing, and I knew that I needed to be an earth warrior. It’s important to me because taking a stand against climate change doesn’t always mean taking things to a world level but a local level, making sure that we are being conscientious about the environment.

What I am most concerned about is fossil fuels. To be honest, I’m concerned about everything. I hope we can have a cleaner way of transportation. I have testified (in Olympia), but even just doing small things, like turning off the lights, helps. I also have only been in the car a few times since the beginning of the school year. My dad rides his bike, and my brother Trygve has done some cleanups in Boy Scouts.

“The assembly” and spreading word about climate change. Recycle the right way and help one another as a community to combat it. To speak up. That I care about the environment.


Hi, my name is Charley, I am eleven years old, and a member of an outstanding club called Green Team Climate Change.  I joined GTCC because I wasn’t fully aware of what was happening to our planet.  GTCC is an important part of my life because we have done SOO  much to help the earth and I have learned so much from my fellow members and amazing teacher.

A few things I want to change on our planet are the people who think Climate Change is fake (it is REAL), no more deforestation, I don’t want animal extinction to even be a word, and I want to stop Climate Change forever. Some changes I have already made are I tell my little sister who didn’t know what Climate Change was about how it’s caused and what it is, I use reusable straws when I need one, and I try to be as environmentally conscious as I can. Something my family has done is we bought this soap that comes in a reusable glass bottle with little tablets that dissolve in water.

I am mostly excited about working on the school garden and this website. I wish people would try to learn more about Climate Change and what they can do to help stop it. If I could give anyone some earth friendly advice it would be start small because even the tiniest thing can help change the world. I want people to know that I care about the earth and everything that lives on it, I want people to know that I am on the Stevens Student Council and I will make sure that all our choices are earth friendly. 


Hi, I ‘m Beammie.  I joined GTCC because I know that I can help and that 14 heads are better than one! I know that am only a 3rd grader who just joined GTCC but I know that I can make a difference and we can make a difference. So, I believe that we can all help and make things better, like a team or family. And I want to tell people that we need to help. We really need to help Earth and for the people who do not care about it to think before you are the only one.


Hi, my name is Amelia and I’m 9-years-old.  The reason I joined GTCC is because I love the earth and want to help it in any way possible, and when I heard about GTCC, it seemed like the perfect option.  I hope this encourages many others to join GTCC.