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Physical Education

Stevens Marathon Program

The Stevens Marathon Program inspires the love of running, improves fitness, and promotes self-discipline by providing provide a fun and social recess activity. It is an optional, multi-day marathon system that students are taught during PE and run gradually during their own time at recess.

Students (and staff) track their progress using “lap cards” that they turn in whenever they run laps around the painted playground track (up to 3 laps per recess). Each card has 20 laps and, once completed, equals 2 miles run toward a marathon. So, when students complete their 13th card they have completed a marathon. As a fun motivator, students collect “mini feet” on a chain bracelet to signify each mile they’ve completed as they work toward their marathon.

When they finish their first marathon, students receive a custom printed Stevens Marathon tie-dyed t-shirt and a patch for each subsequent marathon completed. Finally, marathoners celebrate together at an end-of-year ice cream party with all of the fixings.

Go Stevens runners!