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    Good Morning, Everyone!

    It feels so nice to be appreciated!

    Thank you all for your kind words, and please know that we miss you,too!   

    And my special thanks go to ,  H. and Franklin D. for sending videos of appreciation. What a treat! 



     Stevens Sign                                                                

    New Virtual Library Schedule

    With apologies all around I have adjusted the Library schedule for the next few weeks. I am combining grade levels and moving things around so that I can have a chance to meet with teachers as well as students. As of now, all meetings will be hosted via Microsoft Teams.





    10:00 – 10:30


    K & 1st Grades

    Café Canning (1st – 2nd)

    11:00 – 11:30

    Primary Team Meeting

    2nd & 3rd Grades

    4th & 5th Grades

    12:00 – 12:30

    Café Canning (3rd – 5th)


    Staff Meeting


    • K – 3 invitations will come through email one day prior to scheduled meeting. Please do not send an RSVP.
    • Invitations for 4th & 5th graders will be posted on Schoology.

    Speaking of Schoology, 3rd – 5th graders, please check out the folders in your library course. There are some great challenges posted there for you! Have you heard of Rube Goldberg? Check it out! 

    Everybody should check out this resource from Bound-to-Stay-Bound, too:

    Author read-alouds, activities to download, virtuals tours (including the Library of Congress!!!)


    Café Canning

    Café Canning is a drop-in time for students to share projects they are working on, ideas they are exploring outside assigned work. It is also a time to be inspired by what others are doing; gardening, bookmarks, baking, shrinky-dinks, photography, sewing, Lego creations, jigsaw puzzles . . .

    Available to borrow: 4 Magic Heddle Looms. They are EASY to set up and use!  Also available, 10 Kumihimo discs for braiding bracelets. Please contact me at (include student’s name and room number).




    Haiku Challenge Entries

    There were two entries this week:


    Acid river flows

    Cool wind on a spring morning

    S’mores over fire

    by Sam H.

    When the cool wind blows

    The stout asparagus sways

    And the baby peas

    By Thomas H.


    One inspired by time spent at Cama Beach and one by time spent in the Pea-patch!

    Having trouble getting started? Try one of these first lines:


    Today is the day, _______________(7), _________________(5)

    My pencil is sharp, _______________(7), _________________(5)

    What I’m missing most, ___________(7),_________________(5)

    Once upon a time, _______________(7),_________________(5)


    When you finish, send it to

    Have a great week! Hope to see you in the “Library”!


    May 1, 2020

    Greetings, Friends!

    I hope you are all well. I hope you are finding ways to stretch your minds as well as your bodies during our time apart! To help keep my mind busy, I try to really pay attention to my surroundings when I am outside.

    It’s easy to notice the flowers! There are rainbows of blossoms everywhere! But have you noticed all the bees visiting those flowers lately? Watch carefully, you might discover an imposter!  I noticed a bee that l did not recognize. The size of a honeybee, but fuzzier, a soft brown color, with long thin wings that were edged in black. As I watched, it stuck its proboscis into the flower.

    What!? A proboscis!?

    I had to solve this mystery!  First, I asked some experts (friends who are beekeepers), no luck. I had a book* here, but it was only about bees. Then I turned to Google. After many tries, I found it! My little “bee” was a snowberry clear-wing moth! It felt so exciting to “discover” something new in my own neighborhood.

    Check it out! Maybe you can spot one, too!

    Text Box: *The book I looked at is called, The Bee Book, by Charlotte Milner. I hope to share some of it with you. It is one of the books in the Towner Non-fiction Book Contest this year. It has lots of interesting information and some things you can do to help bees (who do so much to help us!).




    Bee Book

    Zoom and Teams links will be sent (Z) or posted (T) on the morning of your scheduled meeting!


    Serpents roam the seas.

    Ogres wander under the landscape. Haiku Challenge

    Dragons hike the skies.

    -By Ezra C.



    Which way should I go?

    No help from the clover!  So, By: Ms. Canning

    maybe I’ll just sit.


    Please send me YOUR entry! If you want, show what has inspired you to write to your poem, too!


    Students and Families,

    I have made a schedule for virtual library visits. I so miss being able to connect with you. I would love to see you at your scheduled time!





    10:00 – 10:30



    1st Grade


    3/4 Class (Teams/Schoology)

    11:00 – 11:30

    4/5 Classes (Teams/Schoology)

    3rd Grade (Teams/Schoology)

    2nd Grade


    12:00 – 12:30


    Café Canning

    (3rd – 5th ) (Schoology)


    • In the older grades, please bring whatever you are reading or just finished, so we can have a conversation.
    • It is important to show up on time for virtual visits. Most often in the younger grades, I will be sharing a story, and once I start, I can't see people in the waiting area. 


    This is the last week of April, which means it is the last week of National Poetry Month! Poetry can be fun to read AND fun to write! There are so many different forms of poetry, each with their own rules.

    One of my favorite forms is based on haiku, a traditional Japanese form of poetry celebrating nature, usually a season. Poets would describe something they saw, heard, or felt with their senses. Rhyming is not required, but you need to count syllables (sound segments). The formula is:  

    • First Line – 5 syllables
    • Second Line – 7 syllables
    • Third Line – 5 syllables

    Here is one I wrote on Wednesday (during the steady afternoon rain).

    Today brought the rains.

    I watch the earth drink her fill.

    Plants rejoice, worms, too!


    Why not give it a try! Send me your original haiku poems and I will post them on the school website!

    Log on to Schoology to find the link for Library and/or Café Canning


    Missing you,

    Ms. Canning


    Hello, Friends!

    I hope you all are well and finding some unexpected joy in this new normal. My daily routine includes more walking than in the past. Signs of spring lift my spirits every morning, rain or shine. Yesterday I saw a pair of birds I’ve never seen before! I took a picture (fuzzy) but we were able to use it to identify them after we got home – scrub jays! They don’t usually live here, especially not in the city.

    I love how learning happens, even when you don’t expect it!

    I would love to hear what you are learning! Do you take walks like I do? Have you tried to make something new? Have you read or listened to a good book? 
    I also wanted to share a resource with you. This resource is created by Common Sense Media. It has been curated by educators, which means all the links are safe as well as educational.

    I am especially excited about the Field Trips and the Live Events (authors reading their own books!!!).



    Welcome Back, Friends!

    What beautiful weather we are having! Have you ever heard the old rhyme, “April showers bring May flowers”? This April has been very dry! Please look at the weather map and related information below. How much rain has fallen in Seattle this year? How much has fallen this month? When do you think it will rain again? Which day will be the warmest this week? Which is the hottest city in the state today? The coldest? 


    Reading maps, charts and tables is a great way to gather information. Try it out, it’s fun and informative! If this is an old skill for you, try to practice every day. 
    If you are interested in learning more about weather, check out the National Weather Service website:


    Check out the fabulous cloud chart, then look up! What do you see? Keep a chart of your cloud sightings.


    Other topics of interest:
    Earth Day is 50 years old on Wednesday, April 22! April is National Poetry Month! Celebrate both at once, by writing your own poem! Send them in and I will post them on the Library page of our Stevens website!


    Missing you,
    MS. Canning