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    PictureGTCC continues its quest to address Climate Change and help Stevens become a more sustainable school.  Refreshed from a positive, invigorating experience in Olympia (see below) we are tackling our next initiatives with verve and gusto!

    Please note two very important upcoming GTCC led events:  the 2nd annual GTCC Assembly (March 11th) and our first ever GTCC Night (tentatively scheduled for April 29th).  See below for more info.

    Goal #1: Solar Panel Investigation! 

    With the aid and encouragement of Sen. Jamie Pedersen, we have applied for funds to purchase and install 2 large arrays of solar panels on the play court roof. During our January 24th trip to Olympia, GTCC members personally delivered letters and displayed signs urging Sen. David Frockt (of the neighboring 46th district and acting vice chair of the Senate Ways & Means Committee) to support our bid.

    Goal #2: “Greening” our Playground

    Nicole Parish of Foxberry Education will be visiting GTCC later this winter to help us design a school garden.  Nicole has worked with several schools to plan, establish, run & maintain an outdoor garden program.  Once our garden is established, we hope to expand her role with the students, providing a direct curricular link between the classrooms and the school garden.

    To learn more about Nicole and Foxberry Education, please visit:

    Goal #3: Be Vocal & Active in our Community

    Letter written by GTCC members were mailed to various local business and organization asking them to consider improving some aspect of their waste disposal practices.  We are still waiting to hear back...

    GTCC is also planning and leading two events here at Stevens: our 2nd annual “GTCC Assembly” (March 11th) and “GTCC Night” (tentatively April 29th).  The assembly will be a kick-off for our first ever “Zero Waste Week” event and provide a short review of our activities & successes this year.  GTCC Night will be much the same, with the addition of various “booths” for families to learn more about each initiative as well as ways to get more involved.

    Goal #4:  Reduce Waste (and consumption)!

    We continue our campaign to reduce not only waste, but our consumption, as well.  The push to encourage reusable containers in evident in our lunchboxes and increasing number of personal, refillable water bottles used here at school.   Note: we have not received a reply from Nutrition Services asking them to consider decreasing single use plastic in our school lunches!

    GTCC & Room 303 now have a subscription to Ridwell, the “hard to recycle items” biweekly pick-up available all over Seattle and beyond.  Per the suggestion of Ridwell, we’re testing it out in one classroom to see how it works (Ridwell does not do large scale pick-ups).  If it goes well, we’re hoping other classrooms will opt-in for their own subscriptions. Ridwell will visit GTCC on February 27th, as well as take part in our first every “GTCC Night”.

    To learn more about Ridwell, visit:

    Got an intermediate student interested in GTCC?  Students are welcome to come check us out anytime – encourage your student to come find me and we’ll make it happen.

    Thank you.

    Tanya Kamila
    GTCC Facilitator
    Room #303