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    November 2019

    Our first action involved revamping our efforts in our own lunchroom to reduce waste creating “GTCC Tip” boards.  These are posted throughout the school with one board circulated weekly at intermediate lunch prompting impressive, thoughtful discussions among many students.

    In our efforts to be more vocal and active in our community, the students have embarked on a letter writing campaign targeting various community enterprises.  We are writing to Seattle Parks & Recreation, Starbucks, Seattle Public Schools, the UW Arboretum & Century Link stating our concerns AND offering viable solutions (hey! we Earth Warriors, if we whine about something, we hope to be part of the solution!).  We hope to report back soon that our efforts are making an impact.

    Led by GTCC, Stevens is also renewing its efforts to become a Washington Green School.  There are six categories of certification (recycling & waste, energy, water, school grounds & garden, healthy buildings & transportation).  We were certified three years ago for recycling & waste (Go Green Team Captains!) and are in the process of renewing that certification (renewal is required every two years).  We are also pursuing our energy certification this year.  As part of that energy certification, there will be another opportunity for kids to act – Energy Captains!  Starting after Thanksgiving, each intermediate classroom will have rotating Energy Captains to guide the classroom in its efforts to conserve energy & decrease general consumption.

    Lastly, GTCC is thinking outside the box to produce a “green friendly” gift giving guide.  Look for more information about that in the next few weeks.

    Got an intermediate student interested in GTCC?  Students are welcome to come check us out anytime – contact me and we’ll make it happen.


    June 2019

    Hi GTCC families – just wanted you all to know about our final meetings and club celebration.

    Our next two meetings, May 14th & 21st will be devoted to creating informational blurbs to pass along to families and friends.  These blurbs will include “summer green tips”, “easy ways to reduce plastic consumption” and “carbon off-setting – what’s the deal?”  We’ll also spend a bit of time talking about next year’s goals here at Stevens as well as tips for any departing 5th graders who want to continue their green pursuit in middle school!

    For our final meeting, June 4th, we’re headed to Madrona Beach!  As presented at our all-school GTCC assembly Wednesday, GTCC is completing one last goal – a beach clean-up.  We’ll Metro over to Madrona Beach, give it a good clean & then sit back and enjoy a pizza picnic!  More information is attached.  Know that we will not be returning to Stevens and students will need to be picked up at Madrona Beach.

    In order to ensure we have motivated kids participating in the clean-up (and to save paper), kids must OPT-IN for the field trip.  This means they must come get a permission slip from me with the understanding that they have already discussed availability and pick-up with you (those will be the first questions I ask them!).

    Kids are free to come to any and all of the last three meetings, including those who have been taking a break from our meetings.  Whatever your Earth Warrior is interested in (or not interested in) is just fine with me.  The beach clean-up is open to “future” GTCC members, as well!

    Let me know if you have any questions.  Thanks for reading.


    Fall 2018

    GTCC! (Green Team – Climate Change!) – Earth  Warriors Reporting for Duty!

    Hello Stevens families.  As we wrap up our first trimester of GTCC (Green Team -- Climate Change, an intermediate club for Earth Warriors), we’d like to share some club information and inform you of initiatives the club is undertaking to encourage action here within the Stevens community.

    The vast community support and enthusiasm we experienced this fall included the funding of our first GTCC Donor’s Choose project, Earth Warriors Reporting for Duty.  This funded project put books in the hands of our Warriors, providing essential resources for the kids to satisfy the first goal of the club -- to encourage thought & dialogue about Climate Change.  The kids created "Did You Know . . ." posters, now adorning the walls of Stevens.  It is uplifting to see the many, many students (and adults!) pausing to read and ponder the information as they move around the building.  We can't address Climate Change, if we aren't thinking and talking about it.

    Our next goals involve a myriad of tasks including increased recycling opportunities of harder to recycle items (i.e. colored markers, water filters & toothbrushes), a water bottle exchange (to reduce reliance on new plastic bottles), two separate student led videos, investigation of solar panel installation, a recurring student authored article appearing in the Stevens Speak (which will hopefully lead to a GTCC page on the school website) and a beach clean-up coming this spring.  All these initiatives are student inspired, student investigated and student led.

    How can you help?  First and foremost – TALK about and investigate climate change within your own family & friends.  Second, participate in our plastic water bottle exchange & school recycling program for colored markers, water filters & toothbrushes – donations from home are encouraged & can be dropped off in the clearly marked boxes outside the school office.  Third, talk to a GTCC member & read our future communications to see what you can do to support our efforts at school and/or initiatives you can take on yourself.

    Thank you for your strong support, words of encouragement, and belief that we can make a difference.  The energy, devotion & determination the kids bring to club each and every week is inspiring.  We are in good hands!