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    It’s been a fun and active first few months in Stevens Physical Education classes. We strive to create fun activities for kids to
    practice fitness skills and learn health concepts.

    In October, kids explored fitness through dance. They learned and performed dances to “Thriller” along with traditional and past Stevens dance routines at the Fall Social.
    We hope you were able to see your student(s) impressive efforts.. We have so much fun seeing all of the families join in too!  Think about dancing at home, especially when the days are short & your kids need some activity.  Many will  ask to dance when given choice activity time & it gets them moving..  (Students know dance routines to: “5,6,7,8, by The Steps, Cupid Shuffle, Chua Chua Slide, “Hair Up”, “Can’t Stop The Feeling”last 2 from Trolls movie soundtrack.)
    Our Stevens Recess Marathon Program is off to a strong start. Each student is able to run a 1, 2, or 3 laps before school & at recess. They track laps on an individual card. This enables each child to work at their own pace to achieve their “Stevens Marathon”. You may have noticed students with small charm “feet” on a chain. Foot tokens are given to concretely represent each mile they run. We will have news soon for the runners that are crossing the finish lines. More information is on the Stevens PE page & we are always happy to answer questions you have.

    Our fitness theme for November and December  is Cardio respiratory Endurance. All students K-5 are engaging in active learning to build and understand the fitness concept. 
    We must mention that students should wear sneakers. Please consider putting these in their backpack if they wear rain boots. (It’s tough to safely move in these).

    We welcome any questions or feedback you have for us. Feel free to stop by the gym before/after school or by email:
    Mr Peters at or
    Ms Goubert at smgoubert@seattleschools’org.

    Welcome Back!

    We are off to a great start to the new school year in Stevens PE.  We, the PE team of Susan Goubert and Eric Peters , welcome you all and are so excited about the energy and enthusiasm each student has demonstrated.  We look forward to great things this year.   


    Stevens classes receive three 40-minute PE classes per week, once outside (weather permitting) and twice inside.  We cover a wide range of skills and health/fitness content throughout the year and encourage you to review the Physical Education pages on the Stevens SPS website for an overview of that.  We will be sharing important updates and highlights on this page, “news”.  Here is our first “PE news” list:


    • We’ve been focusing on applying our schoolwide expectations of Safety, Teamwork, Accomplishment, and Respect (STAR) to the PE classroom, utilizing fun, cooperative games, community circles, recess games/routines, and more.
    • Students in grades 3-5 are participating in the Presidential Youth Fitness Test where we assess their cardiorespiratory endurance, muscular strength, muscular endurance, and flexibility in a non-competitive, supportive environment.  These are district required baseline scores for the year and we will test them again mid-year and then the final time in Spring.
    • We’ve been using dynamic stretching, plank, jogging, jumping-jackes, burpees, and more to warm-up and static stretching, yoga, mindfulness and more to cool-down after each main activity


    Thanks so much for reading our updates and stay tuned for a fun and active year in PE!


    Yours truly,


    The Stevens PE Team