Physical Education

PE Overview

Welcome to the P.E. Page!

Teacher: Susan Goubert

Mission:   We work daily to help kids stay fit and enjoy beingactive.  We hope to help inspire a lifelong love of fitness…because active kids make better learners! Active kids also tend to feel better andmake better decisions. Studies show everyone (grownups too) needs 60minutes of vigorous exercise every day to be optimally healthy. We playgames that get everyone moving as much as possible, as long aspossible.

Embedded in our fitness teaching is a continual focus on thesocial-emotional and safety skills necessary for a positive experiencewith health and fitness.  Students are taught that the Stevens PE way is to be SAFE (in each activity), ACTIVE (try your best), AND KIND (to yourself and others).  Students practice sportsmanship and teamworkwithin fun and challenging cooperative and competitive activities.

We teach units on frisbee, volleyball, floorhockey, biking, yoga, tennis, basketball, soccer,bike safety, heart health, nutrition, and much more. Specialthanks go to the PGA First Tee organization for our golfsupplies and to all the people who volunteer tohelp teach it.  Cascade Bike Club provides bikes and helmets for our biking unit.

Bikes for class

5 for Life

Our Stevens P.E. classes follow the“5 For Life!” curriculum aligned with state and nationalstandards in physical education.  The “5 For Life!”curriculum focuses on five components of fitness:Cardiorespiratory Endurance, Flexibility, Muscular Endurance, MuscularStrength, and Body Composition and their relationship to alifetime of positive fitness and healthy habits. For more amore detailed description, go to the "5 For Life" page.