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Stevens Library News!

Spring 2021

Hi Families – Happy Spring. Below is a review of some of our programs as well as a peek at our final library foci of the year.  Please visit our  Stevens Elementary Library for more in-depth information.  The library webpage is STILL evolving, but a great spot for all things Library (and more).

Changes to Curbside and Access to Library Material

With the change in schedules comes changes to library material checkout.  Please see the earlier “check-out” e-mail for a summary of those changes.

The Global Reading Challenge (GRC)

The GRC ended with a fizzle BUT resulted in the creation of our first book club as the kids discovered that this year they really were more interested in just talking about the books instead of competing amongst each other.

The Bibliophile Riffraff

The students wanted it, the students got it! Our new intermediate book club began Tuesday March 16th with our first selection, An Elephant in the Garden by Michael Morpurgo.  Led by students, the Bibliophile Riffraff Book Club meets on-line to share and discuss thoughts, wonders, feelings and questions about chosen titles. We finish each four-week club with a themed celebration as chosen by the Riffraff.  Visit The Bibliophile Riffraff page for more information.

GTCC! (Green Team-Climate Change) – Be Present! Be Passionate! Be a Force!

GTCC continues to  meet most Wednesdays promoting awareness and plotting actions.  On the spring schedule: planting our garden troughs (early May), hosting our annual GTCC assembly, a letter writing campaign in support of state initiative 5022, and leading our individual classrooms (grades 3-5) in conducting “at-home energy audits”.

Our Green Team Climate Change GTCC! page is a work-in-progress and contains a good amount of kid-created content.  Do take a peek at it if you are interested in learning more about our history, members and actions.

Donors Choose Update

Another huge thank you to our Donors.  OurBibliophiles Flip for Favorites brought over 50 new student-selected titles into our library.  And let me tell you, those titles were requested before I even had a chance to put them on the shelves!

“What’s going on in your reading life?”

We start every library session with a short sharing of what we are reading, hoping to read, and notice others reading. It’s a time where I take serious note of the various student interests to guide in new material selection.  Another place the kids can provide such input is the “What do you want to read more of?” form found on the Stevens Library Catalog page (listed under the “Learning Links” section). 

Spring Library Time

We will continue to focus (and vote!) on the various student-selected awards we have explored this year including the Washington Children’s Choice Picture Book Award, The Sasquatch Award & the Young Reader’s Choice Award. We will also wrap up our peek at the Pura Belpre award, a recognition presented every other year to a Latinx author and/or illustrator whose work best portrays the Latinx cultural experience in a narrative or picture book.

We dive a little deeper this spring exploring art through literature as we read and highlight works about various artistic mediums. Our content includes poetry, architecture, painting & drawing in the form of biography, nonfiction and literature. We’ll also use some of our time to explore climate change, conservation and our growing collection of environmental themed material as well as highlight the actions and concerns of our own Earth Warriors, GTCC.

Stevens Library Wishlist

It’s still there!  Visit the Stevens Library Powell’s Wishlist for a list of USED books we’d love to add to our collection.  Please visit the library website for more info. 

Winter 2021

Hi Families – Happy New Year.  Below is an update of various endeavors as well as a peek at our library focus this winter.  Please visit Stevens Elementary Library for more in-depth information.  The library webpage is STILL a work in progress, but a great spot for all things Library (and more).

The Global Reading Challenge (GRC) Trivia Sessions Begin!

The GRC trivia sessions begin next week, with weekly meetings on Tuesdays 2-2:30p and Thursdays 11:30a-12p thru March 2nd.  These sessions are open to any 3rd-5th grader who would like to discuss book tidbits and expand their knowledge and understanding of the selected GRC books.

To participate in the optional school competition (March 4th), students need to:

  • read the Global Reading Challenge information page
  • complete the UPDATED permission slip by January 11th
  • commit to reading at least 2 (hopefully more) of the selected titles by January 29th
  • attend both weekly trivia session (if no other school conflict)

Please visit Global Reading Challenge at Stevens for more details and to access the information page and permission slip.

Winter Library Time

(grades 3-5): in addition to GRC, we will also take a peek at the selections of theSasquatch & Young Reader’s Choice award programs.  I also plan to reorganize class time to be a part of the upcoming intermediate Inquiry Projects and, hopefully, a few other extended learning opportunities. Stay tuned for more information.

(grades K-2): we continue to focus on the remaining WCCPBA (Washington Children’s Choice Picture Book Award) nominees and selected companion books, with an increased focus on “genre” or type of book.  We’ve began this week distinguishing subgenres (types of Fiction and Nonfiction) such as “Realistic Fiction” and “Biographies”.

GTCC (Green Team-Climate Change) – Be Present! Be Passionate! Be a Force!

Our small and mighty group meets most Wednesdays to discuss the work of our five Task Forces: refining the content of our upcoming GTCC Assembly (task force: “Assembly Dude”); planning the five new trough gardens (“Garden Guardians”); preparing to meet with Sen. Pedersen for an update on climate legislation (“Legislative Liaison”); researching GTCC Tips and Facts to present bimonthly during STARS assemblies (“Tipsters”); and designing our website (“Websters”).

We welcome curious kids!  Please encourage any interested 3rd-5th graders to e-mail me directly.

Donors Choose Update

Thank to our generous donors, we have better fitting, flexible seating options (Lounging in the Libraryproject), mobile bookshelves to display our collection and create more nooks for lingering (Shindig in the Shelves), AND more nonfiction books to place on those shelves (Digging into Genres).

If fact, you all were so generous we have a large Donors Choose $$ CREDIT so . . .

Yup! It’s another Donors Choose project in the works – chosen by  your children!

As discussed during Library this week, I will apply the above credit to a new Donors Choose project of student selected books (catchy title coming soon).  The kids can provide input by filling out the “What do you want to read more of?” form found on the Stevens Library Catalog page (listed under the “Learning Links” section).  More project information coming when we’ve got the book list set!

Need a book recommendation?

While on the library catalog page, kids interested in help finding new reading material can also fill out the “Need help finding your next awesome read?” form.  I’ll reply back shortly with some (fantastic!) ideas within a day or so. 

Your kiddos are asking! Stevens Library Catalog – checkout some books!

Each session MORE kids are asking to check out library books — wahoo! Easy instructions are found under the “Announcements” section of the Stevens Library Catalog. You can also use the video instructions below.  For more details about Stevens Stoop Service (curbside pick-up & book delivery) visit the Stevens Elementary Library page.

Need help placing a hold or accessing the Seattle Public Library eMaterials?  I can help with that!

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you and your child need help accessing library materials.  You can e-mail, call me directly or visit me during my weekly “Office Hour” via Teams:

Literary Inquiry with Ms. Kamila!

Thursdays 2:30-3:30

Stevens Library Wishlist

Yup – still pushing this!  Visit the Stevens Library Powell’s Wishlist for a list of USED books we’d love to add to our collection.  Please visit the library website for more info.

Fall 2020

Hi Families – Just another attempt to keep you informed about our school library program.  Please visit Stevens Elementary Library for more in-depth information on any of the below.  It’s a work in progress, but it’s a great spot for all things Library (and more).

Primary Fall Lessons, so far

Our lessons this fall have focused on reading WCCPBA (Washington Children’s Choice Picture Book Award) nominees, emphasizing a few book features (author, illustrator, cover, title page) and exploring content books to support classroom interests.  Books shared are carefully chosen to include multicultural character representation, inclusive & engrossing storytelling and, of course, great pictures! We will continue exploring and defining fiction vs nonfiction (and subgroups of both genres), beginning with the nonfiction selections for the Towner award (best informational text) later this month.

SPL’s Library Link

3-5 students have had the opportunity during Library sessions and my weekly Office Hour to set up a Seattle Public Library (SPL) Library Link account. This account allows easy access to on-line eBooks, Audiobooks and more via Libby, Hoopla & the main SPL site.  Please feel free to contact me if your student would like further assistance with this. Library Link SPL/SPS.

GTCC (Green Team-Climate Change) – It’s Time!

22 third, fourth & fifth graders attended our first GTCC meeting on Wednesday. Wahoo!  After a brief sharing from returning members, we talked a bit about our goals for the year (i.e. webpage, assembly participation, legislative letter-writing campaign, school garden) and of the commitment necessary to be a part of GTCC.  For more information, please visit our (under construction) GTCC webpage

The Global Reading Challenge (GRC) is on!

The focus this month has been reading, reading, reading.  25+ of the GRC books are currently checked out, supporting the PERSONAL CHALLENGE set for all 3-5 students: to read at least two (out of seven) of the GRC titles.  Next month we began planning the optional competition and art components and continue to explore GRC Authors (we viewed an interview and storytelling session last week of Sasquatch & the Muckleshoot’sJoseph Bruchac). Global Reading Challenge at Stevens

Stevens Library Catalog – Checkout Some Books!

Every session someone asks about getting library books.  Especially with the breaks coming up, don’t forget you can check out on-line thru the  Stevens Library Catalog. Click below for easy instructions on how to place holds & visit the library page for more information about Stevens Stoop Service (curbside pick-up & book delivery!).

How to place an online library hold step-by-step instructions

Books are the best gifts!

Visit the Stevens Library Collectionsto view various recommended reading including Stevens Staff picks, Social Justice titles, Girl Power selections, book award nominees & more.  Visit our library page’s Book Award Nominees for further recommendations, including lists of present and past award nominees, including the Washington Children’s Choice Picture Book Award (WCCPBA).  Remember, “You are NEVER too old for a good picture book!”

Stevens Library Wishlist – Used Books from the Best Book Store Ever!

The Stevens Library has a Powell’s “Wishlist”  For those not familiar with Powell’s, they are a large independent bookstore based in Portland with the best darn inventory & setting for browsing in-person.

The books selected are USED, in line with our GTCC school-wide goals to Reduce & Reuse. Included on this list are selections from Global Reading Challenge authors & other book award nominees, favorite authors and favorite series. Stevens Library Powell’s Wishlist

We sure appreciate any and all contributions to help us continue to build a collection of books that represent our different voices, stories and interests.