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    The students wanted it, the students got it! Our new intermediate book club begins Tuesday March 16th with our first selection, An Elephant in the Garden by Michael Morpurgo.  

    Led by students, the Bibliophile Riffraff Book Club meets on-line to share and discuss thoughts, wonders, feelings and questions about chosen titles. We finish each four-week club with a themed celebration as chosen by the Riffraff.

    Books are selected by students via Microsoft Forms. Students vote from a preselected, recommended list of titles chosen to represent different voices, experiences, interests and authors. Copy availability and access to on-line versions are also considered.  

    For more information, please contact Teacher-Librarian Tanya Kamila.


    Our Spring Riffraff Selections

      An Elephant in the Garden  by Michael Morpurgo

    Historical fiction set at the end of WW II in Dresden, Germany.  When their city is bombed, Lizzie, Karl & their zoo-keeper mother must flee on foot to safety, taking an orphaned elephant named Marlene with them.  They find help in unlikely places as they learn to trust in the goodness of others and in the love they have for each other.  Based on true events, this book is for those interested in adventure, animals and/or history.

       Ghost  by Jason Reynolds (UPDATE: this book club has, sadly, been cancelled due to schedule accommodations for in-person learning)

    Realistic fiction set in current times.  Ghost (real name Castle Cranshaw) loves to run, but, after a young childhood of much difficulties and tragedy, he’s learned to use his skill to run INTO trouble, not away from hit.  New possibilities arise when he meets Coach, an ex-Olympic medalist who sees past the trouble to the goodness and talent Ghost possesses.  For those that like to read about overcoming adversity (troubles), persevering, sports and finding people who believe in you!  Book 1 in a four-part series (the Track series).


    The Thing About Jellyfish by Ali Benjamin

    Realistic fiction, set in current times.  After her former best friend, Franny, dies in a drowning accident, Suzy is convinced that the true cause of the tragedy must have been a rare jellyfish sting.  The story flashes back and forth between Suzy’s present-day search to prove her theory and the past year’s decline of their friendship as Franny becomes more interested in other friends and rejects Susy.  It’s a tough, sometimes mean yet still beautiful story.  For those interested in reading about friendship, hurt, grief, loss & love.