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K-5 Vocal Music Class News

There is always a lot of activity in the Stevens music room.  We sing, dance, play instruments and try to keep it all fun and engaging while building technical skills, expanding our musical vocabularies and taking care of each other.


This wonderful performance opportunity for all Stevens Students comes on Saturday, December 3rd, at 10 a.m.  Please plan on attending this annual Stevens tradition!  Plan to have your children there by 9:30.

K-2 students are preparing material with Ms. Carroll.  3-5 and choir students are preparing material with Mr. Key.  Below are links to audio files and lyric sheets for this material.

 K-2 Repertoire
Patapan 2nd grade.mp4
Hanuka 1st grade mp4
Almost Day Kindergarten mp4
Almost day.pdf

3rd-5th Grade Repertoire
Here are the lyrics to the 3-5  songs  PANCAKE BKFST 2016 Lyrics.pdf

Below are links to sound files for every song, with and without vocals so you can practice outside of school.

ALL with Choir5
TOGETHER AGAIN with vocal.mp3
TOGETHER AGAIN without vocal.mp3

SEASON OF HOPE with vocal.mp3
SEASON OF HOPE without vocal.mp3

3rd & Choir5
LET IT SNOW with vocal.mp3
LET IT SNOW without vocal.mp3

ALL with Choir5
WELCOME FRIENDS with vocal.mp3
WELCOME FRIENDS without vocal.mp3

ATTITUDE OF without vocal.mp3

YOU CAN GET IT with vocal.mp3
YOU CAN GET IT without vocal.mp3

5th & Choir5 
RAPPIN' UP THE HOLIDAYS with vocal.mp3
RAPPIN' UP THE HOLIDAYS without vocal.mp3


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Kindergarten music classes are all about building a shared collection of songs and games and learning basic music concepts: high & low, fast and slow, loud and soft, singing and chanting, and ALWAYS keeping our bodies safe while we move to music.

1st Grade

First graders are doing a fantastic job working on in-tune singing, showing which notes are higher and lower, and showing beat and rhythm on familiar songs.  All of this is leading to reading written notes and rhythms on the page.  We will name our first notes and rhythms before winter break... we're getting really close!

2nd Grade

October 27, 2016
After building lots of shared repertoire and practicing beat and rhythm and switching between the two, 2nd graders took their first step towards sight reading rhythms.  They learned that 1 sound on a beat is called TA in music class.  2 sounds on a beat will be called TI TI.  We figured out how to write the rhythm for a familiar piece as a group, and then sight read it to be sure we had it right.

Very soon we will be getting names for our first two notes, putting them on the staff and starting to sight read melodies as well! (I'm a little bit excited about this, as you can tell.)

2nd grade also gets to do 2 formal assessments in music class.  We won't get to the baseline assessment until we are all comfortable reading and writing our first rhythms.  It might not be until January.  The Cornerstone assessment will expand on those same skills and involve writing and performing a short piece, using known notes and rhythms.

3rd Grade


As part of our recorder program 3rd and 4th graders participate in the Link Up Program with the Seattle Symphony. They will all be attending a concert March 2 at Benaroya Hall where students will listen to the Seattle Symphony and sing and play recorder (or violin) along with them. We will be singing and playing along with the Seattle Symphony, as well as listening.

  Here is the first recorder practice video I made for you to work with.  And here is the video I made for how to play the recorder part for Al Tambor del Allegria.

Here is the theme song for Link Up, Come to Play

Recorder Fingering Chart

recorder basics.mp4


4th Grade & 5th Grade

World Music Drumming

4th and 5th graders have both been working on West African percussion - learning all 6 parts in a percussion ensemble that we will use to accompany a song.  They've been mastering different hand drum techniques to produce more than one sound from the same drum, as well as the shekere (like a maraca, only from West Africa, not South American) and the gankogui (double bell). 

Students have been practicing echoing simple patterns, creating their own patterns for others to echo, and have just starting creating their own improvised "rhythm complements" where each member of a small group creates a pattern to fit within a group of patterns.

And Finally....
Videos I have shown
Students have seen some unusual video material in my class,  I promised them links to what they saw:
Black Violin is the name two very talented string players give themselves as a performing group.  They combine the rhythms and hooks of hip hop with outstanding violin technique.  3rd, 4th and 5th grades saw this.

More traditional violin music - In the Hall of the Mountain King by Edvard Grieg of Norway. 
Breaking more stereotypes, these classically trained cellists from Finland met in music school and decided to be a heavy metal cello band.  This is their version of Greig's In the Hall of the Mountain King.

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