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    Meany Middle School
    Posted on 11/16/2016

    Meany Middle School Community Meeting November 22, 2016 - 6:00 p.m.-7pm at Miller Community Center. (330 19th Ave E)

    The first Meany Middle School Family and Community Meeting will be held on Tuesday, November 22, 2016, 6:00 p.m. at Miller Community Center (330 19th Ave E)!   Although, there has been a postponement of the boundary vote we will move forward with our meetings and begin planning.  
    Please join, Principal Oatis, and the Edmond S. Meany Middle School community to learn about the new school, share your ideas, and celebrate learning.   If you are in the neighborhood boundaries that are being decided upon or are interested in the development of our new middle school please join us. Student, parent and community voice will be extremely valuable throughout this design.  

    Please also look at the Meany website for upcoming information.

    Edmond S. Meany Middle School
    300 20th Ave E. Seattle, WA 98112

    Graduates of Stevens and other neighborhood elementary schools will attend the new Meany Middle School.  Meany Middle School is on schedule to open in the fall of 2017 under the leadership of Principal Chanda Oatis.   Ms. Oatis is spending this year as the school’s planning principal and tending to all of the needs of opening a building.

    Ms. Oatis is maintaining a “field office” here at Stevens Elementary and plans to spend about a day a week on campus or in the neighborhood. She is looking to engage with parents around many topics and decisions that will need to be made over the next several months.

    Visit the Meany Middle School webpage to learn about community meetings and other information.

    Meany Entrance