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    Stevens Grounds Work
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    Native Plants

    Have you met our Native Garden?

    It is located in the raised planter on the south side of the school grounds … and it is time to start watering it! We need to help the garden get established for two growing seasons via a simple watering program. Then it will be ready to thrive on its own.

    Seeking Help with Watering

    Seeking interested and available volunteers to keep it watered through our dry months (June to September/October). The commitment is quite reasonable! The equipment is set up. The effort just takes a bit of muscle (pulling hoses to and from planter), a careful eye (making sure water is reaching the plants), and an hour of your time with each watering. Adults, kids, Stevens’ alumni – anyone! -- are invited to help.

    If you have a few days to volunteer, a few weeks, or an entire watering season, we would be so happy to have your help.

    Watering happens twice a week: 
    1. Weekend (Saturday or Sunday)
    2. Midweek (Wednesday or Thursday)

    Use this sign up genius link to sign up to be a Weekend or Weekday Watering Warrior:
    There are dates to sign up, June through September. Jennifer Guthrie will provide training. Please let her know if you have any questions: Jennifer Guthrie at

    Many, many thanks for your help!

    Information on our Native Garden:

    The Stevens Green Team selected a palette of native plants to replace the invasive species and weeds that were previously located in the south planter. The palette includes: 

    • Acer circinatum  /  Vine Maple

    • Gaultheria shallon  /  Salal

    • Mahonia repens  /  Creeping Mahonia

    • Polystichum munitum  /  Swordfern

    • Fragaria chiloensis  /  Coastal Strawberry

    • Clematis armandii  /  Evergreen Climbing Climatis

    There are two plants that aren’t native but play an important role for the school grounds:

    Hydrangea anomola petiorlaris / Climbing Hydrangea (vine):  Added to provide more privacy for our next door neighbor as well as some seasonal color. Spring and summer flowers. Evergreen vine that will grow up to 40 feet on the chain link fence to provide some screening.

    Gaultheria procumbens / Wintergreen (ground cover):  From the same family as our native Salal; however, this variety is native to the east coast. Evergreen. Interesting seasonal plant:  spring/summer flowers and fall/winter non-toxic berries. Leaves take on purple shades in fall/winter. A good plant to support the fairy houses that Stevens’ kids like to build!

    A bit of geeking out…

     A surprise came with the new soil/compost: Equisetum / Horsetail. Many may consider this a weed in their home gardens. It is not a weed in our Native Garden! Horsetail is a super cool prehistoric plant whose family dates all the way back to the Paleozoic Era. 


    Ivy removal Part 2 - Stevens from Stevens Videos on Vimeo.

    Stevens Elementary Clean Up Phase 1 from Stevens Videos on Vimeo.