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    Family Communications Changes Fall 2016
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    Family Communications Changes Fall 2016

    Fall 2016, Seattle Public Schools is launching SchoolMessenger InfoCenter to enable families to customize how they receive communications from their school(s)
    and the district.

    Every family is automatically enrolled to receive all messages from their school(s) and the district. This allows schools and district to use phone calls and email messages for non-emergency related issues in addition to emergency notices.

    Families are able to opt-out of non-emergency calls by updating their InfoCenter account preferences. Important: Families will need to keep at least one number active for emergency announcement phone calls.

    How to Update Communication Preferences with InfoCenter

    • Voice activated opt-out feature available at the end of each school or district call

    • InfoCenter app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Market

    • Website:

      Note: to manage preferences with the app or website, you need to have an email address on file.

      How to Update Your Phone Number or Email

      Your email shown on the Student Verification Form is used to manage your InfoCenter account.

      Please use the Student Verification Form to update or add a phone number and email address. This form is sent home from your school in Sept. New contact information will be used once staff have entered the information. This process could take several weeks.

      Features of InfoCenter Website or App

      • Manage notifications. For example, you can receive general announcements by email and emergency announcements by phone and email.

      • Review the last 30 days of messages for your student(s).

      • See student(s) connected with your email address.

        Note: if you have more than one child enrolled with SPS but have different emails associated with any of them, you will need to manage more than one InfoCenter account. If you prefer to have all students on one InfoCenter account, you can use the Student Verification Form to make changes.

        Additional information about SchoolMessenger InfoCenter is available at: Contact your student’s school with specific questions or you can email

    Message types include:

    • Attendance for secondary students

    • Key dates

    • Transportation

    • Vote reminders

    • Weather notices

    Get Started with InfoCenter

    On a Live Phone Call (not voicemail message)
    During a phone call, you can press 5 on your phone to start the opt-out process for non-emergency communications. You can view the message types on the other side
    of this document.

    After pressing 5, you will hear three choices:

    • To unsubscribe from messages like these, please press 1

    • To unsubscribe from all Non-Emergency messages, press 2

    • To opt-out of all phone notifications, please press 3

      Important: This process is done on a phone-by-phone basis. You will need to opt out on each phone during a live call, or use the website or app to manage preferences.

      On the SmartPhone App or InfoCenter Website Step 1: Go to website or app

    Download the app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Market or visit the InfoCenter website at

    Step 2: Sign up

    • Click the “create an account” button. Enter your email address on file with the district and create a password.

    • An email will be sent with a secure link to activate your account. Click the link to complete your registration.

      Note: If you receive an “already claimed by another user” message that means your email is already associated with an InfoCenter account. Follow the “Return to login” link and use the “Forgot your password” link to access your account if necessary.

      Step 3: Manage your communications preferences

    • Return to InfoCenter and sign in with your email and password.

    • Your first task will be to confirm the phone numbers that are ok for non-emergency or

      only emergency phone calls.

      Note: If you indicate the phone number(s) is only ok for emergencies, you will not receive automated phone messages except calls that are critical to the safety and security of students.

      • For non-emergency calls, select your preferences for the message and click save.

      • Repeat for this process for all the phone numbers and email addresses on your account.

        You can update your preferences at any time by logging in to InfoCenter.

        Important: Changing your phone number or email is completed through the Student Verification Form provided by your student’s school in September not InfoCenter. If you need a new Student Verification Form, please request from the school.

      Download the PDF